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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery- Professional Product Review

Data is one of the most vital ingredients in this fast-paced digitized world. Whether you talk about creating business strategies, capturing precious moments, podcasts, videos, setting business goals, or any other action, data plays an integral role. In short, you can say that in all its forms, Data is consumed by all of us each day!

However, just like other important aspects of our life, it is not fail-proof, and you can end up losing it, intentionally or accidentally. Indeed, it is one of the most common concern and when it happens, panic and stress arrest us.

But, thanks to this digitized era, you can rely on third-party utilities that are specially designed to recover deleted files. However, make sure that the software you go for must be capable enough to serve your purpose.

Here, I am sharing my personal experience of one such software: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional! I found this software after a thorough search.

A few days back, I attempted to upgrade the Windows on my Laptop. Though in starting, I faced some issues being not so techy yet, in the end, I somehow managed to update it. Unfortunately, with this, all the data on my hard drive got deleted. At that instant of time, I found myself in an alarming state as it included all my business-critical data and personal photos.

To overcome it, I start searching for an effective and a professional data recovery software online. As I do not want all my efforts to go in vain, I comprehensively examined several Windows data recovery software available in the marketplace to choose a viable option in accordance with my needs.

For this, I analyzed many forums, discussions & how-to posts and ended up selecting Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional software.

I chose it based on a bunch of positive reviews. Most importantly considering, its smart features!

Thankfully, the software does not need long processing to recover lost or deleted data. In just 3-sequential steps, you can retrieve your lost or deleted data—

Well, using these three systematic steps, I was able to recover my official documents as well as my personal photos with great ease within a short time span.

Here is the process I followed to recover my lost data:

After launching the software, the first screen I saw is “Select What To Recover”. From here, I choose All Data option which includes Everything, Documents, Folders & Emails, and Multimedia Files. After selecting the desired type of files for recovery, I clicked on the Next tab.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

By Clicking on Next, the Select Location window popped up from where you can choose the location to recover your lost data. I selected Drive F as I have saved my professional documents and photos over there. After that, I clicked on the Scan tab to begin the scan process.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery pro

This professional data recovery software comes with two scanning options: Scan and Deep Scan. While the former option made me scan all data quickly, but still to avoid any issue, I also ran the Deep Scan for complete satisfaction. The reason being, this option performs a comprehensive scan of the selected drive for lost or deleted data.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional

After scanning, the software listed all my files and photos in the Preview window at the left pane. From here, I selected my folder and double-clicked it to view my files in the top-right pane. Next, I clicked on the desired files to view its Preview in the bottom-right pane.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Well, after previewing, I just check marked all the desired files and clicked ‘Recover’ to save the recovered data at my preferred destination.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional

Some of the striking features which I liked are:

On the whole, the recovery process is quite simple and straightforward. Therefore, whether you are a novice or a professional user, you can easily regain your lost or deleted data effortlessly.

Inference Drawn:

Just like the way, you need experience and support at the time of adversity to counterbalance it, similarly, you need a Reliable, Fast, Efficient, and most importantly, Secure Data Recovery software at the time of data loss to restore your lost or deleted data without compromise. Also, its interface is easy to understand and use to recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible files from the Windows system. Even if you do not have a sound technical know-how, the software provides an easy walk through of the recovery process.

Given that, I would recommend Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional software. All in all, you can bank upon this software to recover all types of files successfully and in almost all data loss situations.

The Final Word!

If I have to sum up everything in one line, then I can easily say that it is an all-in-one comprehensive pack. The reason being, it lets you recover everything ranging from Documents, PDFs, Spreadsheet, Word, PPTs, to media files, etc. Whether you have lost or deleted data from an internal/external hard drive, Optical media, or removable media, this software is always your back!


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