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Stellar Drive Monitor Free 1 Year License-Advanced Drive Health Monitoring Software

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Stellar Drive Monitor is an All-in-One Drive Monitoring Software that constantly checks the overall performance of the storage drive. Any anomaly on the hard drive or SSD is detected and reported to the user.

You may use this monitoring program to keep tabs on the condition of your hard drives and do a variety of different types of analyses on them. The software keeps a close eye on things like hard disk temperature, performance, and health and notifies the user immediately if anything goes wrong.

When thinking about your PC’s health, you need to consider more than just the standard optimization and cleaning methods; hardware, in particular, can play a significant role. Keeping an eye on the health and status of your hard drives can make a big difference in the long run, and Stellar Drive Monitor is made to do just that. It has various tools specifically designed for monitoring the health of your drives, so you can be assured that they are being monitored closely.

Stellar Drive Monitor UI

Because the design of the app is so simple and straightforward, it is easier to get to its features. Having the main tools listed in the side panel can make it easier to find the right tool for the job.

Also, the on-screen selector for the available disks makes it easy to switch between the different drives, as long as the PC has more than one hard drive with partitions for each drive.

Key Features of the Stellar Drive Monitor :

  • Runs all the time in the background, giving real-time information about how the hard disks are doing.
  • Gives basic information about the hard disk, such as the serial number, model number, partition information, and so on.
  • Gives information about different hard disk features and shows how healthy they are.
  • Allows you to check for and view faulty sectors on hard drives.
  • Allows users to ‘clone’ their hard drives (i.e., it creates a replica of a disk).
  • Supports testing of PATA/SATA drives, USB drives, and solid-state drives.
  • Extremely user-friendly, and doesn’t slow down the system.
  • Users can store Smart Status reports and see a visual depiction of each metric.

Stellar Drive Monitor Giveaway:

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Type in your name, email address, and captcha, and then click “Get your key now.”

Check your email box for a verification email from Click on the confirmation email and confirm your email address.

After that, within a few seconds, you’ll get another email from stellar info. A license key or activation code is included in this email.

Note: Check your spam folder if you didn’t get an email.

Download the software from the developer page:

To activate the software, after installation and launch, click the “Key” icon in the main window, enter the license code, and click the “Activate” button.

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