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Steganos Privacy Suite 22 Free License [Protect your data and privacy]

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Steganos Privacy Suite 22 is a good security suite for data protection and privacy.

It’s easy to use, powerful, and has lots of built-in modules to safeguard your data and privacy.

The suite combines the  Steganos Security software products Steganos Safe and Steganos Password Manager.

Thanks to optimized performance, Steganos Privacy Suite 22 now offers an even better complete package for digital security in various situations.

At the push of a button, Steganos Safe 22 protects sensitive data of all kinds on the PC, in the network, or the cloud.

The Steganos Password Manager 22 combines all user passwords in one place and offers the possibility to create “unbreakable” passwords at any time as needed. In addition to local storage options on the own PC, the password list can also be easily stored in the cloud or on the own smartphone

If you think an antivirus suite is enough to guard your PC and data against hackers, think again.

Not just hackers, government surveillance programs (for instance NSA) are tracking your data and to thwart privacy threats you need data & privacy protection along with your Antivirus software.

This Privacy suite is designed for those who need comprehensive protection for their data.

It can integrate itself with Windows and you can password-protect your data and even set picture-based passwords.


Steganos Privacy Suite 22 features a Password manager, Safe, Trace destructor, encryption, shredder, and more. The suite can protect data on PCs, smartphones, and pen drives.


The password manager can store all your account login information including passwords and PINs in a single location. It can be used with iOS and Android apps as well.


The trace destruction feature deletes all records stored while using the PC on the Internet, as well as traces of anything you do, including software usage, from your PC.

The Safe can create a secure storage drive or folder up to 1TB in size (NTFS only, if FAT32, then only up to 4GB per file).

These drives or folders can be completely hidden from the user.

If you want to carry encrypted data such as personal documents via USB drives or DVDs, then the Portable safe module will be helpful for this purpose.

Encryption for emails can let you send password-protected emails to protect them from being intercepted.

The shredder can completely wipe out all deleted files from the hard drive to avoid data recovery utilities from digging out sensitive information.

Steganos claims that the utility employs state-of-the-art 384 Bit AES-XEX encryption to do this.

The private Favorites module is there to help you in managing Internet addresses, browsers (IE & Firefox) usually save these addresses, making them visible to third parties.

With this module, you can create a profile with a password and store your Favorite web address.

The application’s user interface is pretty straightforward. The main window highlights all the built-in modules, which start when clicked on.

The modules are very easy to set up and run, and they individually give out information about the operations it has performed in the recent past to keep you updated.

A built-in help option can guide you with the modules for a complete, in-depth understanding of the workings of each.

New features & Enhancements in Version 22:

  • AutoFill in all browsers and app favorites with the new iOS & Android password manager apps.
  •  Simplified categorization of entries.
  •  Optimized user interface with grouping options.
  •  Improved search function Browser plugin for Microsoft Edge.
  •  Emergency password function for dependants
  • New Backup Helper.
  •  Steganos Shredder Integration

Overall, Steganos Privacy Suite 22 has over 9 powerful and easy-to-use tools to protect your privacy and anonymity in everyday work on your PC.

Steganos Privacy Suite 22 For Free [Latest Version]:

A one-year license of this software costs around $25, get it free with the below promo/giveaway.

To receive the free license or a serial number of this software, visit this  in the German language (use Google translator).

Enter your email address and hit the “Request Serial number” button.

Note: Although the giveaway page shows it’s for version 21, the license code also works with the latest version.

Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from Steganos.

Click the confirmation link in the email to receive the license code or serial number.

After receiving the code, visit  

Login to your account with your existing login credentials or create a new account (free).

Next, select “Steganos Privacy Suite”, enter your serial code, and hit the “Redeem” button.


Steganos Privacy Suite 22 License code

Download the setup file or installer of version 22 from here.

Install the software and launch the app,  enter your email address and password (Steganos account credentials).

Click the “Activate” button, that’s it procced, and click the “Continue” button.

You can check the app’s subscription status under the “Help (About)” section.

Steganos Privacy Suite 22 Activation