Steganos Privacy Suite 10 for Free

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Online privacy is one of the most important issue, if you are concerned about your online privacy  and want  to cover your tracks, then Steganos Privacy Suite is an essential suite that provides various forms of protection which covers different aspects of privacy.

Steganos Privacy Suite 10 includes a set of 9 tools to protect your privacy, the best of these tools is “Steganos Safe”, which allows to you create unlimited safe (virtual) drives , using the powerful 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm, and each capable of holding up to 512GB of data.

Another best tool is “Shredder”, that is used to complete destroy data, which uses standard used by the U.S. Department of Defense.The Internet Trace Destructor utility deletes browsing history but, much more than that, it can remove all manner of data such as Internet Explorer history, temporary files and swap files. It also lets you the control data that might be sent to Microsoft via the Media Player and error logs.


How to get it for Free ?

  1. Visit this page, enter your email address, and click “Abschicken” button.
  2. Instantly you will get a License code from Steganos.
  3. Download the installation file from here
  4. Note: This version software isn’t compatible with Windows 7

  • Thanks to Sujay & Perti
    1. Very good and complex.It take some time to activate.Thank.Problem is with Wondershare ppt to dvd.

    2. it’s full of malaware. Norton Safe web flags like “attention” the steganos’ download site. After istallation I found 2 high risk malaware by A2free. I want to say you: pay attention before download!

    3. Thank you so much. Tested with AVG and Malwarebytes-Antimalware: NO virus and NO malware! Very good and simple to use. NO problems with installation and activation. Enjoy!