Steganos Online Shield VPN Free for a Year for Windows, Android and iOS

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Steganos Online Shield is a VPN software for your windows system that not only anonymizes your system and lets you access  Geo-restricted content, but also it will protect your privacy and prevents malware attacks by encrypting your internet connection.

Normally we think that the Internet means absolute freedom, but now in many countries, a number of websites and online services are blocked. So,  with the help of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can bypass these locks.

The Steganos Online Shield VPN allows you to select the servers from almost 11 countries, the list includes Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the USA.

If you want to use services like Netflix or Hulu from outside the United States, you can select the USA server. Also, worldwide almost 50 percent organization’s block the likes of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. With this VPN you can gain access blocked social networks or news portals.


Another advantage of using Steganos Online Shield VPN is, you can protect your data and Internet connection. Everything you do on the Internet can be comprehensively tracked by your IP address. Hackers search for specific unsecured Internet connections, Antivirus protection, and a firewall are no longer a protection against cybercriminals.


Steganos Online Shield VPN provides anonymity and security, the application encrypts your data traffic with the highly secure AES 256-bit process.It protects you from cybercriminals on any Wi-Fi, worldwide.
So using this VPN, your own identity remains concealed. Browsing history cannot be analyzed and downloads cannot be traced or tracked.

The built-in Internet Anonymity technology of the app obscures your identity online and makes it difficult to build a profile of your surfing. This may, however, restrict your surfing convenience.

Steganos Online Shield

Using this application is very simple, the main window of the Steganos Online shield (giveaway edition) provides four functions associated with dragging buttons.

You can drag these buttons to the right to activate the function or to deactivate, just drag the button to the left side. You can enable all the functions or the functions you want.

Four functions  provided in this version are :

1.Protect connection

2.Prevent Social tracking

3.Automatically erase cookies

4. Anonymize browser type


When you activate the Protect connection function, your internet connection will be secured with AES-256 encryption. When you browse the web, by default the app, choose the nearest and secure server, if you want a fast connection or other country IP address, just click on the globe icon and select another country server or fastest connection.


The Prevent Social tracking function will filter out “tweet this” and “like” buttons.These are used by Facebook and Twitter to check the surfing behavior of its users outside of their websites.


For automatically deleting all cookies after you close your browser and log out of all accounts, enable the ‘Automatically erase cookies’ function. Activating this function will make more difficult for websites to check your surfing behavior.

Some sites will check your surfing habits, despite you have deleted all cookies. When Anonymize browser type function is enabled, it will replace the information about your browser version, operating system, and language with a popular combination. So, it makes difficult to the website to find you individually.


Steganos Online Shield Free for One year :

Update [20/3/2018]: Added new working promo.


A full version license of the  Steganos VPN application will cost $29.95 and the free version is available with a data cap set at 500 MB per month.

However, this special promotion offers Steganos Online Shield one year for free and provides 2GB  bandwidth per month for 3 devices ( Android, iOS, and Windows)

To get a free serial number of Steganos Online Shield, visit this promotion page and enter your email address,  hit the ‘Request Serial number’ button.

Tip: You can use temporary email id services such as  10 Minute Mail.

 After a few seconds, check your email-Inbox for an email from Steganos Software GmbH, you will receive the serial number for 12 months subscription of Steganos Online Shield VPN  and if you didn’t notice anything in your inbox, then don’t forget to check your spam box.

Windows users download the Steganos Online Shield VPN from here [38.2 MB], the installer supports both 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Windows 10,8.1 and Windows 7.

Install and launch the app, select “I already have a serial Number” and enter the license code or serial number you received through this promo.

Android device users get the app from Google Play, run the app and tap on the menu (3 dots), select “Enter Serial Number” and go ahead to activate with the code you received. For iOS

For iOS devices, you can get the app from iTunes App Store.


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