DLH Offers 7 Steam Games for Free

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Steam Games free from – DLH website.  DLH  is a famous German gaming website , the site is now offering steam keys for about 7 PC games for free to its users. To grab the steam games all you need is a DLH account, which you can register for free.

The 7 Steam games that are available for free from DLH include :

  1. RPG World War III: Black Gold .
  2. Action strategy game Robo Rumble.
  3. Turn based Strategy Game Troma Project
  4.  Sci-Fi RTS Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet .
  5. Role-playing game Septerra Core.
  6. X-Blades.
  7.  Commander – Conquest Of The Americas.


To get free steam keys for these games, you need to register an account at DLH website. So, visit this link : dlh.net/en/register and you can either use the ‘Login with Facebook’ option or

Start filling the form by entering your first name, last name, email address, select your preferred language (English, German, Russian) and before hitting the ‘Register’ button , use the slider to prove you are a human.

Next, in a few minutes you will receive an email from DLH with in login information (along with password) and a conformation link, click the conformation link to complete the registration.

Now visit dlh.net/en/,  login to your account and click on your account name and select ‘Steam keys’ , you will be forwarded to a page where you can see all 7 games for which you can get a free steam key.


Now, for each game you need to hit ‘like’ button to notice  a big blue button ‘Get your Steam Game here’, click this button and complete captcha (for example : click on a small red square) to unlock the steam code.

The games offered has limit (daily or hourly), if you didn’t get the code you need to wait.The Dirty Little Helper aka DLH.Net is a popular destination for PC games cheat codes, the site was launched on 24th December 1994.

If you don’t know how to activate the key on steam, check out below video: