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Startup Timer-Find Out How Long It Takes Windows to Boot Up

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Startup Timer is a free, lightweight program that tracks how long it takes for Windows to boot on your machine.

You can find out exactly which programs are slowing down Windows startup with this freeware tool.

The software gives you two metrics: the time it takes for Windows to display the desktop, and the total time it takes for the system to start up. When the average CPU utilization drops below 5%, the software considers the machine to be fully started.

How the Startup Timer works

Portable implies you can download and run a single executable file. To uninstall the software, simply delete its executable file.

The setup version is an executable file you may double-click to install the app. It installs the app at C: Program Files (x86)/Startup Timer, creates a shortcut on your desktop, and has an Uninstaller.

When launched, the program presents system details such as the installed version of Windows, the processor, and the amount of memory.

Startup Timer UI

In order to time how long it takes Windows to boot up, select the “Restart Computer” option. It will begin timing how long it takes for Windows to boot up after a system restart.

It also examines software that could be slowing down Windows’ launch time, including applications and program services. If you want more reliable results, it actually encourages you to do nothing during the measuring process.

Once the test is complete, you’ll see a breakdown of data including how long Windows takes to boot, how long it takes to display the desktop, and which programs are dragging down your boot time.

You may choose to share your score in the program ranking on the website. Simply put in a name and then hit the “Post to leaderboard” button. The list shows both the best and worst boot times.

Finally, if you want precise results, turning off Windows’ login screen is a must. Simply set Windows to log in automatically every time the computer boots.

Startup Timer

Key Features of Startup Timer:

  1. Tracks how long it takes for the entire system to fully start up.
  2. Find out which system processes and third-party apps installed on your computer slow down Windows startup.
  3. Supports Windows Dark Mode.
  4. Allows comparison of results with other users.
  5. Free and minimal
  6. Works on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Vista.

Developer page:

Download the software: Portable/ Installer.

Note: Some windows optimization software already installed on your PC may try to crash your PC, for instance, Kerish Doctor. So, disable them while using Startup Timer.