Startup Delayer: Speed up Windows startup

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If there is anything that I hate in Windows, is the waiting time to boot the system, but over time I used to, now I come to the office and while the system starts i used to prepare a coffee, turn on the lights, etc.
Startup delayer

However, installing several applications(softwares) will delay the loading time of operating system. Eliminating these applications is vital to accelerate the launch of the system, since these applications are trying to start at the same time, consuming a large amount of system resources.

But what happens if all those applications are required?. That’s why Startup Delayer seems useful,this program serves to accelerate the startup of Windows XP in my case, but unlike other similar programs it will not eliminate or purge the tasks that run at the start of the operating system but they gives a charging time. For example if we find a program that runs when Windows starts and is not vital( eg: Yahoo Mesenger) to its operation,we can determine it to runs 30 seconds after Windows has loaded.

The program is free and is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Download: Startup Delayer