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O&O SSD Migration Kit is a windows application that offers a quick and easy way to transfer data from a conventional hard drive to Solid State Drive aka SSD. The latest version O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 sells for around $29.95 USD, but for a limited time period O&O software is offering its SSD migration kit for free.

SSDs are faster than conventional hard drives, many PC users are opting SSDs for quick boot-up and increase the performance of the system.Anyone planning to switch from HDD to SSD has two options: either to completely re-install Windows OS on the SSD with the newest drivers or move an existing Windows installation from HDD to SSD.

However, many users think that moving windows installation from a regular hard drive to an SSD is a time consuming and tedious job.But with tools like O&O SSD Migration kit the migration process will be simple,it performs fast and safe Windows migration.

O&O SSD Migration Kit 7

Just install the software, launch the application, then select the source drive  ( windows partition on HDD) and select a SSD or a partition on a SSD as migration target. Now in the ‘overview’ section  you can either exclude certain files that you don’t require or just start the migration process by clicking the ‘Start’ button. The migration process may take around 30 to 45 minutes, but this depends on the Windows installation size on your HDD.

If the migration is not successful or not up-to your satisfaction,then  you can revers it, just launch the SSD migration kit app and in the  ‘start page’, select  ‘reverse complete migration’ option and  hit the  proceed button.

According O&O software, if a partition or an entire hard disk is duplicated on a SSD, the partitions need to be adapted and aligned to the structures of the SSD. If this doesn’t happen, the SSD is simply overwritten with information from the old hard drive and the misalignment of the partition might cause a performance loss of up to 50%.

In addition, the life span of the SSD is shortened, since you now save new data on the SSD, which needs more space than necessary in deleting and rewriting than normally.

The O&O SSD Migration Kit automatically checks whether the target drive is an SSD and realigns the partitions of the image on this type of data volume during the duplication of a partition.

Key Features:

  1. Easy and convenient migration from conventional hard drives to SSDs
  2. Automatic adaption and alignment to the structure of SSD for 100% performance
  3. Migration With O&O SSD Migration Kit can be reversed


Overall, the O&O SSD Migration kit enables you to migrate your partitions from standard hard disks to SSDs (Solid State Drive) easily and comfortably.The migrations performed with this applications can also be reversed, since the information on the source disk is not deleted just beyond recognition.

Get SSD Migration Kit from O&O  for Free :

To grab a free license key of this product, just visit this giveaway page and enter your email address.

In few minutes you will receive a conformation email from O&O software, click the conformation link in that email and with in  10 to 15 minutes you will receive the  O&O SSD Migration Kit 7  serial number or license key and the download links for the installer.

O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 license

Download O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 : 32-bit  /  64-bit