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SpywareBlaster : Free Spyware and Malware Blocker

SpywareBlaster is a free and a nifty security application that protects your browsers and system from malicious programs. Specifically, it prevents the intrusion of spyware or malware into your system, using a black list that blocks certain dangerous ActiveX controls and cookies. It also blocks browsing certain websites, that are infected or trick users to steal their personal data.
In general, antispyware softwares will scan certain parts or entire system to find and remove spyware stored in your computer. But, SpywareBlaster follows different approach, firstofall the app will not remove or delete anything from your system, instead it will block or prevent intrusion of adware, spyware, dialers and other harmful elements. These elements may try to enter your system by exploiting ActiveX controls, BHOs, Hosts file and cookies.
SpywareBlaster monitors your web browser so that you don’t become a victim of spyware or malicious websites, ads and cookies. It supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but the type of protection differs across browsers.IE is protected from ActiveX, restricted sites and cookie hacks. Firefox only protects from cookies, while Chrome is protected from malicious scripts in addition to the other vulnerabilities. In addition, a set of tools for Internet Explorer lets you disable Flash content, define search and start pages, and apply a few other tweaks.
Advanced users can configure SpywareBlaster for more protection, they can add their own list of ActiveX controls , toolbars, browser add-ons and websites to block. In addition, SpywareBlaster offers several advanced features, including the creation of a snapshot (image)of various settings on your system and the ability to create a backup of the hosts file.
spywareblaster 5.0
Going by its features, it seems this software was made for Internet Explorer, but expanded to support other browsers. The free version of SpywareBlaster requires you to update the database manually, and the settings apply only to the user account that runs it. The paid version automatically updates the database and protects all users on the PC.
The Good side of this application is, it works very silently on your system, you want to see any messages or warnings while blocking threats. One more thing is, you will not find its process running through ‘Task Manager’, as it doesn’t utilize any system memory. All you need to do is update the app once in a week.
Overall, SpywareBlaster is a good utility that lets you stay safe from potentially harmful websites and malware. It’s resource-friendly, supports multiple browsers and the only downside with the free version is, you have to update it manually.
Before wrapping the post, I have to mention that SpywareBlaster only enhances your system security, but still you need a reliable Antivirus or Security suite for overall protection. It’s just a security add-on that works along with your existing security software without any fuss.
Download : SpywareBlaster 5.0 [3.9 MB]

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