PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2011 Free 1 year License

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Spyware Doctor from PC tools is an award winning and most trusted Antispyware software that protects your PC against privacy and tracking threats.

Generally, a 1 year PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2011 costs $30 and here is good deal or offer that saves your money by providing PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2011 fullversion license for free.

Spyware Doctor 2011 delivers powerful antispyware protection with minimal impact to your PC.It defends your computer against malware attacks with multiple techniques using proactive, reactive, and automatic protection to stop threats at every entry point.

PC Tools Spyware Doctor spyware removal software has been downloaded over 160 million times with millions more each week. People worldwide use and trust Spyware Doctor to protect their PCs from spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, phishing attacks and other malicious online threats


PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2011 Free 1 year License :

  1. To get PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2011 Free 1 year License you must use a german proxy, there are 2 ways to get german Connection:
  2. 1. Get Cyberghost German VPN Premium account for free over here and use it.
    2.Use German web proxys from this list

  3. Now using either German VPN or proxy go to this promo page: http://www.pctools.com/spyware-doctor/free/promo/PCWELT0111/
  4. Fill required details in the form and ‘Request Free License’
  5. With in few seconds, you will get ‘PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2011’ license code in your email Inbox
  6. Download the installer from here


  1. Registration also works with UK proxy.SD still not the best choice,heavy to load and use more RAM than others

  2. Thanks, I was able to get the free licence for 1 year, I will now install it in my laptop..


  3. i cannot download the cyberghost vpn on my xp windows cause it says it hasn’t been microsoft certified or such
    and can’t find one on those german sites that will give me a free code
    the ones i get is you have to pay for it
    anyone can help would be appreciated

  4. took the program off after installing it
    if you have a antivirus program installed you have to remove that first cause spyware doctor will detect it
    then after you put spyware doctor and then you antivirus back on it won’t detect it
    but spyware doctor really really is slow and also slows down whatever you do on your system
    take it off…….i did
    and computer is back to normal
    use windows defender now instead

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