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Spybot Anti-Beacon Plus Free for 1 Year

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Worried about your privacy on Windows 11/10? Block data collection and safeguard your personal info with Spybot Anti-Beacon, the tool that puts you in charge of your data.

What is Spybot Anti-Beacon?

Spybot Anti-Beacon Plus is a privacy-focused software that blocks telemetry settings and other tracking options in Windows 11/10.

This means that it prevents Windows from sending data about your usage habits back to Microsoft. The software is easy to use and doesn’t require any special configuration.

Spybot Anti-Beacon Plus UI

Stopping Spying Features

Spybot Anti-Beacon Plus blocks spy functions, like sending telemetry data, easily done with one click. It also lets you stop the automatic sharing of Wi-Fi passwords and Windows’ new peer-to-peer update.

Easy Customization

Hit “Protect” for a one-click setup or tweak each setting in the customization menu. It’s user-friendly, but it’s wise to create a restore point for safety.

Pick and Reverse

Choose settings with checkboxes, but they’re hidden unless you select ‘Show Options.’ The tool explains changes, and you can hit ‘Undo’ anytime.

Spybot Anti-Beacon Plus Immunizers

Say No to Telemetry

Block telemetry hosts, tweak group policies, and auto-block apps with advertising ID. It messes with group policies to keep data collection in check.

Optional Tweaks

Disable web search, Cortana, remove OneDrive, and block remote registry service. Choose your tweaks, with undo options for each.

Key Features of Spybot Anti-Beacon Plus

  • Blocks telemetry settings
  • Prevents Windows from collecting data about your usage habits
  • Disables web search and Cortana
  • Removes OneDrive
  • Blocks the remote registry service
  • Offers different “immunizers” for various categories, including antivirus software, browsers, games, hardware drivers, office programs, pre-installed software, and third-party analytics

Free One-Year Giveaway:

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Spybot, in association with CHIP, is giving away a free one-year subscription to Spybot Anti-Beacon Plus.

To get your free copy, visit this CHIP exclusive page.

Click on “Manual Installation,” then hit the “Download server CHIP Online” button to get the installer.

Note: Also, download the installer from these alternate links: [Link 1/ Link 2]

Spybot Anti-Beacon giveaway

Run the installer; it’s in German, but no worries—just click the “Weiter (Next)” button to proceed and finish the installation.

Launch the app and you will find its UI in the German language.

To switch to English

To change the language to English on the app’s primary interface, click “Einstellungen’” menu to open the settings.

Next, locate “Sprache für Benutzeroberfläche “

and click on ‘Standard-System-Sprache’, then select “English”.

Apply changes by clicking the ‘Apply’ (‘Anwenden’) button and restart the app.

That’s it!

Change language in Spybot Anti-Beacon


In summary, Spybot Anti-Beacon is a must-have for those who care about privacy on Windows 11.

Its easy interface, customizable settings, and thorough privacy protection make it a powerful solution for tackling data collection worries.

With this Windows tool, you can boost your privacy and shield your info online.

Remember, the offer for the full version is available for a limited time, so act quickly to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to safeguard your privacy