Speed Up your PC with O&O CleverCache 7 Pro for free

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If you had a old PC with less RAM or your PC is slowing down with  system cache using  memory unnecessarily, then you must consider this commercial software “O&O CleverCache 7 Pro”, which normally sells for $30, the software provides a cheap and effective way to boost your windows system performance.However, now you can get the software for free from the developer itself for a limited time period.

O&O CleverCache 7 Pro edition improves Window’s cache file and memory management to enhance your system performance.It’s no matter that you have latest hardware, frozen programs and lack of proper management of file cache, may bogged down your PC performance.

What O&O Clever Cache does ?
If a computer is used without interruption for longer periods, slower answering times of applications will occur. By restarting the computer, you will find out that the system runs with significantly higher performance. The reason for this is the empty file cache resulting from the reboot of the system. O&O CleverCache achieves the same result without any reboot, ensuring maximum performance while the system is online.

Just run O&O CleverCache 7, the app automatically monitors your PC use and system cache. When it detects that your cache holds data without reason, CleverCache frees the data, giving you more RAM to run your programs.

O&O CleverCache makes sure that the file cache is reset while the computer’s running: something that otherwise usually requires a restart of the computer.

O&O CleverCache prevents those infamous program and application “freezes” where usually only closing the program with the Windows Task Manager can help. Simply install O&O CleverCache and let it take care of your compute memory management.

Important Features of O&O CleverCache 7 Pro at a Glance

  • NEW: Revised user interface with clear Toolbar
  • NEW:Statistical evaluation of the storage usage
  • NEW:Enhanced profile management
  • NEW:Supports Windows® 7 and Windows® Server 2008 R2
  • Predefined profiles (AutoSense)
  • Create, export and import individual profiles
  • Detailed memory use and cache statistics
  • System Tuning and System Monitor
  • Mem-O-Free for more available main memory
  • Mem-O-Safe for increased security in the event of a crash

Get O&O CleverCache 7.1 Pro latest edition for free:

Jut visit this O&O promo page, enter your email ID and click”kostenlose…” button to recive the license key.

Download O&O CleverCache 7.1 Pro (32-bit)
Download O&O CleverCache 7.1 Professional (64-bit)