Space Settlers Review: Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy Game for iOS

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If you are a strategy game hunter, do not miss the latest hot game on iTunes named Space Settlers. This game is developed by Digiarty Software, Inc., and is an online real-time strategy game that is very enjoyable to play with friends. Feel free to download Space Settlers from iTunes:


Requirements: compatible with iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch (3rd/4th/5th generation) and iPad on iOS 4.3 or later.


The story of Space Settlers is rooted by the famed British theoretical physicist Stepthen Hawking’s prediction on Dark Energy Crystal that appeared in 2012. And Hawking found that Dark Energy Crystal can be dated back to 13 billion years by linking his brain to a powerful computer. Time game was opened for human beings. This is why the Terra Galaxy welcomes so many new settlers to struggle for the most powerful energy source of universe.


Space Settlers Highlights


Well, when you log in for first time you will meet a NPC who is taking care of novice tasks, will show you how to master basic controls. With novice tasks being done easily, you will be awarded newbie gift to make a good start and a space base where you can continue this game. You can collect crystals, upgrade tech-buildings, build defense towers, refit chariots, and many more. For example, with the increase of your tech level, you can own free mecha chariots and refit them with over 100 accessories as wish.

At mean time, Space Settlers is a huge community available for online multi players to connect to others to target and occupy fronts. Of course there are some difficult stages that require your skills and patience. You may either team up with other users or increase your levels first to be strong enough instead of buying crystals.

By the way, there are many legions in the universe offering help and protection. A legion will help you grow up fast. As a Legion member, you need to fight legion wars for more resource to develop stronger base or weapons.



Conclusion – Fairly Good Game Available for All


The current game features are good and easy for beginners to learn and have fun on iOS devices. For senior RTS game players, Space Settlers offers diverse game plays to arouse an impulse to explore more in this game. It is adventurous and everything in the universe is unpredictable!