Sony Xperia Z Update released: Fixes sudden death issue

Sony Xperia Z Update released: Fixes sudden death issue

April 2, 2013 Off By kavya

Sony Xperia Z, one of the best smartphone to launch in recent times has made it to the top sellers list with its superior features and waterproof design. Unfortunately within few days, many users started facing the problem of sudden death of their Sony Xperia Z, which means the phone gets turned off automatically while using and would not turn on. The non-removable battery made the problem further worse as in phones with removable battery, users could remove the battery and reinsert, if issues like this crop up. Hard reset was the only option which could make the phone turn on again, sadly it too failed in this case for many Xperia Z users.

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Sudden death issue in Xperia Z came as a blow for Sony who is struggling to gain market-share in the competitive smartphone market. Unlike many other companies, Sony accepted the fault and promised to rectify it with a firmware fix. As promised the company has now come up with an update to fix this sudden death problem.

The update is labeled 10.1.A.1. The sole purpose of the update release is to fix the sudden death problem and moreover it doesn’t add any features or update any other problem such as slow camera start up. The update is made available through air and also via PC companion application. The users get notified when the update is available in their region. To make the download easier and faster, the size of the update file is kept to minimum. Sony’s swift response to the issue would undoubtedly help the Xperia Z in keeping its position in market.

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Sony has designed Xperia with exquisite style with has features making it a true rival for iPhone 5, Blackberry Z etc. Xperia Z comes with a 5 inch display covered with water and dust-proof body. It runs on Android Jellybean 4.1 and has a quad core processor with 2GB RAM. The smartphone is equipped with a rear camera is of 13 megapixel and a front camera of 2 megapixel. The storage capacity is about 16 GB which is expandable up to 32GB. Even though the sudden death problem has affected Xperia’s popularity, Sony needs to fix issues such as battery draining, lock screen ignorance, brightness problem etc before it can compete with the top smart phone manufactures.