Sony Planning to add new serial key authentication for PS3

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After the few German hackers (fail0verflow) revealed PS3 root-key hack and the famous iPhone Hacker ‘Gehot’ released 3.55 Custom Firmware which allows users to run any (games, operating systems, Blu-ray movies, applications) signed packages on PS3, had made PS3 open for Piracy and Sony Powerless against Latest PS3 Hack.

But it seems Sony is planning to implement a new serial key authentication for PS3 units, according to ‘PS3-Sense’  Sony is going to add an authentication system which will pair your Blu-ray disc games with your PS3 console. According to the site, Sony will provide serials to Blu-ray disc games which can be usable up to five different PS3 units.

[via : PS3 sense]

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    you can’t do anything with that fucking serial with roots reavealed.It’s so lame.