Some Leaked Windows 7 RC torrents are infected with trojan

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Windows 7 RC  infected with trojan

If you are looking crazily from where to download Windows 7 RC Build 7100,then be very careful because you can get a great surprise.  It seems to be that some torrents of this version of the Microsoft operating system come with a Trojan .

The Trojan is encapsulated in the file setup.exe, which would mean that when you run the installer of Windows 7 ,then it will install Windows 7 along with Trojan.Neowin forum reported this issue and gives information about how to install windows 7 without the Trojan.


It is advised to check MD5 of the ISO file before Installing windows 7,the correct MD5 would “8867C13330F56A93944BCD46DCD73590” for x86 version and “98341af35655137966e382c4feaa282” for x64 version

According to Neowin forum the MD5 of the infected image is 838F96D945C9554835A96CF41DEC9453

Vía Neowin