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Solve Elec :Simulates Electronic circuits

If  half of your life passes between Transistors,Resistors and integrated circuits,then Surely Solve Elec will be great utility for you.Although there are great simulators and circuit analyzers around us ,but this software offers basic functions necessary to make your day a little easier.

Programs like pspice and Electronics Workbench MULTISIM Power Pro are most popular for enormous components they have,but their cost and complexity make students to understand electronics like a pastime.Luckily, there are programs like Solve Elec that  allow us to get out of trouble without spending single Rupee(or $).


Solve Elec is an educative electricity and electronics software for circuit analysis,it features circuit drawing, computation of literal formulas for any current or voltage shown in the circuit, circuit related equation verification, graph drawing and integrated help and documentation.


Analyzed circuits function in direct current and may contain usual components such as supplies, resistors, diodes, transistors and amplifiers.

The first thing a user sees when they launch Solve Exec is a clean canvas with an organized toolbar. The graphics on the toolbar are very similar in context to the objects toolbar in REALbasic. The program is built based on REALbasic programming language.The items that a user can select on the toolbar to put on the canvas appear exactly as they will on the canvas.After a user adds an object to the canvas, moving and manipulating the object on the canvas is very smooth and responsive.

Creating a visual circuit on the screen is just a small part of what Solve Elec does. For instance, Solve Elec can “test” the circuit to make sure it works. Solve Elec can also get values and formulas for currents and voltages within the circuit and can create graphs. The graphing function of Solve Elec is very powerful and unique. Solve Elec presents the user with another beautifully designed window with a coordinate plane. From within the window, the user chooses which variable should appear on which axis and sets a minimum and maximum value. The user then clicks the custom “graph” button and the graph with the respective values is drawn.

After a user has created the perfect circuit, they will print out the diagram or agraph . Solve Elec makes this easy for the user. Simply choose “Print” from the “File” menu and Solve Elec prompts the user with options on how to create the perfect printout. Solve Elec quickly creates a picture on a canvas with the options specified by user and sends the job to the printer.

With Solve Elec you can :
– draw and analyze electrical circuits functioning in direct or alternating current
– get literal formulas and values for current intensities and voltages defined in the circuit.
– verify circuit related equations.
– draw graphs.
– get the equivalent circuit of displayed circuit
– browse an integrated documentation
– edit, save and print reports made of various elements displayed in main window

On the whole we can say Solve Elec is brilliantly designed program,which makes the user to Simulates Electronic circuits very easily. It’s requirements of hardware are very modest and you run in any computer equipped with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or Mac .Did i forgot to say that this a Freeware???


Downlod :Solve Elec 2.5

Official website:Phsyicbox


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