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When you buy a new PC or installing the OS after formatting the system you will notice a speedy performance from your system, but gradually when you start installing & uninstalling applications your system will slow down and you will experience slow start-up time.

By using tools like Advanced Systemcare Pro you can fix registry errors and system errors, but you don’t know exactly which applications are slowing down boot time of your computer. To avoid this advanced users will use MSCONFIG tool to go figure what’s slowing your boot or open the Task Manager and close CPU clogging application and normal users like me will opt for Hibernate mode, but this is not a good method as it doesn’t speed up your startup time and eventually it may cause crashing of your PC.

Soluto-Anti-Frustration software :


For Novice or less advanced lesser this free app called “Soluto” will hep you to optimize your system’s start-up. Soluto calls itself an “Anti-Frustration software”, unlike other startup managers this is a Pure technical and community driven tool which shows the full structure of the boot process & provides suggestion to change certain applications behavior which are delaying the boot process.

Installing & Usage of soluto :

Once you download and install Soluto, it will start analyzing installed applications and after that it will suggest you to restart you computer. Now when you reboot the PC, for the first time soluto will appear with a page fold effect on your desktop and displays overall time taken by the system to boot up.

Now when you click on Soluto ,it will display of a clear graph of the applications which are consuming the memory during start-up. It divides applications in to three categories:

  • No-brainer – applications can be removed without any hesitation
  • Potentially removable – applications can be removed based on your utilization
  • Required – applications that  are mandatory and cannot be removed
  • So a user can check those categories and apply any one of the below two actions or just leave the app under boot.

  • Pause – pauses apps and can be restored
  • Delay – Loads the apps after boot up

  • A user can decide whether to Pause or delay an app based on the community reports, this is a very impressive feature which helps you to decide based on other users data.

    I loved the Nicely designed interface which is extremely easy to use , all you need to do is hover your mouse on a particular section. Now when you switched to Home or main interface, you can see 3 sections :

    1.Lighten Web Browser : Displays Possible addons to disable for faster browsing on Chrome, Firefox or IE
    2. Heal Crashes : A crash analyzer that will display apps that are likely to crash and provide solution
    3.Chop Boot : A boot analyzer that will provide solutions for quick boot.

    Watch How to use soluto video:

    Soluto – Anti Frustration Software from Soluto on Vimeo.


    Final Word : Soluto is  in beta stage, because it is community driven app and needs a lot of improvement. Although the technical aspects will scary novice users, but it will certainly improve your system start-up time by removing unnecessary applications from the boot-up sequence.

    Download :  Soluto


    1. I used Soluto from its earliest days and finally removed it about a year later.

      Soluto only added another layer of frustration. I’m doing a whole lot better with my own boot configuration settings, and I’m no computer geek.

      Until I hear really novel improvement over its concept in a stable release, I may not try it out again.

      Incidentally, 360Amigo has a similar functionality which I don’t bother touching either.

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