Solutions for Basic Windows 8 Problems

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What solutions you should go for basic windows 8 problems ?

It has been a while since Windows 8 was launched. However, Windows 8 despite its popularity has some issues that need to be tackled. Below are some of the issues that concern Widows 8 along with the solutions for the same.

1.) Installation error

Before you install Windows 8, you will need to check the system requirements so as to see if the system meets the specifications, so as to enable Windows 8 to work. If the error persists, you will need to disable all the NON Microsoft installed software’s. All external devices too need to be disconnected and thereafter the ‘install only’ option needs to be selected. You should also check the iOS files as a corrupt download might be causing the problem.

2.) Apps and programs might not be working

If any apps or programs in Windows 8 are not working, you should uninstall and reinstall the program or the app. You should check the third party program like antivirus program or firewall if any of the apps on Windows 8 is not working.
If after trying the above listed measures the apps do not work you will need to reinstall Windows 8.

3.) Inability to connect to the network

If you come across this problem, you will need to check the hardware, cables or reset the modem. You may have to check the connection settings to see if these might not have been changed. Network troubleshooter should be run to check on network related problems. The network driver might be needed to be updated for the hardware, so as to enable it to work with utmost efficiency.

4.) No sound on your Windows 8 Platform

If this problem arises, you might need to check if the sound card on your computer is working properly. The device manager might be needed to be opened so as to check to ensure that the computer has a sound card. The driver might be needed to be checked for its installation issues. The driver needs to be installed in a compatible mode. The drivers might need to be updated.
The adapter driver needs to be checked for issues related to it being outdated, incompatible or damaged. Windows update might be required to update the driver.

Windows 8.1 problems

5.) Windows 8 Black Screen issues
The system might be needed to be rebooted. The same can be done by pressing the power button. At times, it might happen that rebooting can fix issues related to Windows 8. In such circumstances, you will need to go into the safe mode and uninstall some programs that have been installed recently.
All eternal devices might be required to be removed. The graphic drivers and programs need to be checked to see that if these are compatible with Windows 8. All the iOS files need to be checked. Corrupt download might have occurred and this could have caused the problem.

6.) Freezing of Windows 8
If this problem arises, you will need to see that if your computer system meets all the requirements to install Windows 8. You might need to see if new program or driver has been installed. Disabling any of these programs might help you fix the problem. Alternatively, you can run system Maintenance Troubleshooter to check if this helps. You will need to update the drivers and check if this can help overcome the problem of freezing of Windows 8.

7.) Windows 8 not able to play YouTube videos

If your Windows 8 is not able to play YouTube videos, you might be required to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player. In case your computer has an older version of Windows 8, the same will have to be removed.
As you try this measure, you will be required to disable popup blocking software to be disabled temporarily. You will have to allow to be a trusted site on your Firewall software. Check the third party programs as firewall or any other antivirus program. You might have to remove the firewall or antivirus programs.

8.) Not able to activate Windows 8

Windows 8 can be activated manually through the phone activation means. For doing so, you will be required to click start and key in slui.exe4 in the search box. As you accomplish these steps, you will have to press the enter button on your keyboard. Thereafter, you will need to select your country and select the phone activation option. This will help you activate Windows 8.

Sometimes drivers too are not recognized in Windows 8. These need to be reinstalled in such a case.Follow the above listed tips and issues related to Windows 8 will never trouble you.


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