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SoftOrbits Video Watermark Maker Giveaway - Add Watermark to Videos

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SoftOrbits Video Watermark Maker is an easy-to-use solution for adding watermarks to videos. It ensures protection for multiple videos at once.

You can apply a transparent colour watermark to your digital videos, including copyright information, brand name, website address, or image logo.

When you create a remarkable video, you want people to recognize your effort. Avoid others claiming it as their own, which could be for financial gain, reputation, or fame.

To establish yourself as the creative force behind your videos, use the free Video Watermark Maker software available today. It allows watermarking for all your work.

With this Video Watermark Maker, watermarking videos becomes effortless. This safeguards your video’s legal rights and minimizes the risk of theft or misuse.

This Windows software enables you to add images and text to your videos, indicating your ownership. For a full sense of immersion, the program lets you place watermarks anywhere in the video, adjust their visibility duration and clarity. The software also offers a “batch mode” feature for adding watermarks to multiple videos at once.

SoftOrbits Video Watermark Maker UI

SoftOrbits Video Watermark Maker Features:

  1. Add Custom watermarks to safeguard your videos and ensure credit.
  2. You can use text, a logo, or an image as your visual watermark.
  3. Automatic Watermark Position and Size.
  4. You can adjust the size, transparency, and position of the watermark.
  5. You can resize the watermark to the percentage of the source video size that you choose.
  6. Watermark Several Videos at Once in a Batch Mode.
  7. Save Watermark Template for Later Use.
  8. You can also protect your videos against automatic watermark removal.

SoftOrbits Video Watermark Maker Giveaway:

Visit the giveaway page.

Click the “Request full version key” button after entering your email address.

A confirmation email from SoftOrbits ([email protected]) will arrive in your inbox shortly.

Click on the “Click here” or “Confirmation link” in the email you just received. A new SoftOrbits webpage will open in a new window.

On that page, enter your first and last name, and country, then click “Done” to complete a short form.

A license key will be displayed on the giveaway page. Make a copy of this code.

Download the installer from this link:

Install the software. Launch the app and on the main window, click the “Key” icon. Next, click “Register”.

Paste the license code into the activation window on your desktop and click “Activate.”

Once you’ve completed the setup, you’ll have access to the full version of the program.

Video Watermark Giveaway

Download the installer from this link:
Download the installer from this link:
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