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Social Media Marketing for Dummies eBook 4th Edition worth $16 for Free

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Social Media Marketing for Dummies eBook by Stephanie Diamond and Shiv Singh is written to help you make sense of all the noise. Because it’s such a hot topic, both the press and experts are quick to scare marketers like you with scary headlines and new terms that don’t help, but rather confuse.

This ebook simplifies the complexities of social media marketing and shows you how to use it to achieve your business goals. It also helps you decide what’s most important and what’s not.

This Dummies Edition ebook usually sells for $16, but you can get it for free for a limited time.

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About Social Media Marketing for Dummies eBook-4th Edition:

This book shows you why social media is important to marketers and how you can use it to make your own marketing efforts more effective. It gives advice for every kind of business situation and is aimed at both marketers in large companies and those who work in or run small businesses.

The Internet and society as a whole have changed because of social media. It has changed world revolutions, elections, and how we talk to each other every day.

Social media also offers new marketing opportunities that force marketers to go back to the basics of marketing and give them new ways to reach social influencers. This makes it easier for people to influence each other and market the brand for them.

Companies need to reevaluate their online marketing strategies, target audiences, and internal organizational structures in light of the opportunities presented by social media marketing (SMM). This is a very exciting time for anyone who works with social media marketing or Internet marketing in general.

Social Media Marketing for Dummies eBook-4th edition

The marketing space for social media changes quickly, so by the very definition of social media marketing, this book can’t be all-inclusive. It does, however, try to boil down the most important ideas, trends, tips, and suggestions into easy-to-grasp nuggets.


You’ll find some sections more useful than others based on your own experiences, as social media marketing encompasses all aspects of marketing as well as the Internet (from traditional websites to social platforms to the mobile web).

Keep in mind as you read this book that the ways in which people influence each other and make decisions about purchasing and brand affinity online are not fundamentally different from the ways in which they have made such decisions in the real world over the course of thousands of years.

Social media marketing is fundamentally about enabling and encouraging that kind of brand-positive behaviour to occur on social media platforms.