Snail Driver : Update your System Drivers in One Click

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Snail Driver is a free system drivers update program for Windows OS users, with a single  click user can  update  outdated or broken drivers on their system.

Do you know that having latest hardware drivers can speed your PC,  hardware drivers are the crucial link between software and hardware. If they are outdated or damaged, they make your computer slower and less reliable.


Although you can manually  download latest drivers from the hardware manufacturer’s website, but this process will be frustrating and not easy.

So, it’s best leave this to tool dedicated for this job and Snail Driver is one such tool that lets you save time and effort in keeping your system drivers uptodate.

This simple but effective new tool is designed to scan your PC  for out-of-date drivers and let you download and install them with a single click.

snail driver

Launch the Snail Driver software, then click the large scan button. Now the program will check all the drivers on your system and lists  all the outdated and broken drivers on your PC.

You can either select which drivers you want update or select all drivers, and  click the ‘update’ button. It will start downloading and installing the drivers, while updating some drivers  your PC  may turn off and on, after finishing the process it will display the summary of drivers updated.

snail driver installation

The software will create a system restore point before installing  the drivers.By default the program is set to download 3 drivers at a time, but  you change this through settings menu.


To change increase the download limits, click the ‘cog’ icon at the top right ,  change the ‘Maximum download limits’ drop down menu to a higher number, then click  ‘Apply’ button.

snail driver settings

Although the tool name is inspired by snail, but the program actually  runs smoothly and quickly. The software is in public beta, but works very well and the main highlight of this tool is its free of junk and doesn’t offer unwanted junk (PUPs) such as adware.

Note : Some Antivirus softwares  may block Snail driver software as virus or malware, this  software is clean and doesn’t  contain any virus, you can even check yourself by using the Winja Security tool.

Key Features of Snai Driver:

  • Free of Junk- No unwanted extras.
  • Simple interface &  quick program.
  • Fix/update drivers in one go.
  • Works on Windows 10/ 8/7.
  • Developer promises the program will be 100% free.


Closing Words :

If you are looking for a simple tool to update system drivers easily and that too free of cost, then you must try out Snail Driver.


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