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SmartPixel Video Editor  is a  screen capture, Video (webcam) recording  and Video editing software  mostly used by PC gamers for recording  their games and share them on video hosting sites like Youtube. Although  Smartpixel video editor can be used free for screen capturing, game video recording, webcam recording, screenshot capturing, video clip editing as well as photo slide show making.

However,  in the free version   Webcam Recording, Screen Recording  and  Video editing has time limit (max  5 Minutes), also it add a watermark for your videos. So you have to pay an affordable price ($15.9) to enjoy the full features of Smartpixel video editor, but for over a limited time period you can get $15.9 worth license for free with below promotion.

Actually SmartPixel  is an 2 in 1  Windows software, where it act as a screen recorder and video editor ,it contains various powerful features for Screen capturing as well as video editing .With the help of this software you can even  record and edit 1080P HD quality videos very efficiently.

There are two main modules (  SmartPixel Camera & SmartPixel Producer) in SmartPixel software. SmartPixel Camera module is useful for Windows screen cpature, game recording and webcam video recording .The app uses its patented technology for extreme  video capturing  with less CPU consumption and lower disk usage. Also the SmartPixel camera module  has D3D mode, which is compatible with all  PC video games and this makes the application as best game recording software.

SmartPixel Video Editor

Further more, SmartPixel Camera module acts as a independent webcam recording software, it contains video effects, beautify color, lighting and frames to enhance your webcam videos. There is a Karaoke mode for making your own music videos,allowing to remove original vocals and insert lyrics subtitles.Also this module can be used to capture screenshots and webcam images.The Screen capture function runs in the Windows Background without any interference with the running applications.

Now looking in to the second module ‘SmartPixel Producer’, it acts as a video editor and you can cut, trim, merge and add transitions into the video clips. This module offers several video effects like pop-ups, filters, scenes, text, frame border, light, pendants and you can add subtitles easily during the video clips editing and photo slide show making. Besides video effects, it also offers film making features like variable speed playback and dubbing functions, also it has a rich video and audio effects library. There is an interesting feature called ‘scribble Painting’, it allows you to add more flavor to the video clips. The edited videos can be exported or converted to popular video formats such as FLV, AVI, MP4 and more.

SmartPixel Features:

1. SmartPixel Camera : screenshot capture, Game Recording, WebCam Recording, Picture-In-Picture video capture and Ultra-HD Recording.
2. SmartPixel Producer : video editing, rich video effects & audio effects library, variable Speed Playback, dubbing , background Music Arranging and Scribble Painting.

Overall, SmartPixel Video Editor is a complete video-editing and screen capture tool, which can be used either as a video convertor/editor or simply take the snapshots of the Windows screen or record anything playing on the screen.I think this application is suitable for gamers to record the games they play on their PC without interference or downgrade of the system performance.

SmartPixel Video Editor Free License :

To get $15.9 worth license of SmartPixel Video Editor for free,  visit this promotion page, then enter your email address and click  ‘Check out with Paypal’ button .Don’t worry, hitting the  PayPal checkout button will not charge anything,as you can notice on the screen the software is offered for 100% discount. With in few minutes you will receive any email from “SmartPixel” with a license code for SmartPixel Video Editor.

Download SmartPixel 2.3, install it and run the application. Now run any module (screen capture or editor), select a pro (VIP) feature and you will notice a screen to register the product. Enter the license code you received to register or activate the full version software.

SmartPixel Video Editor license

Giveaway Details:

This is offer is set by WonderFox, they will offer only 10 Licenses per day for first 10 customers (if you are unlucky today, try tomorrow) and each license provides 1 Year Free Upgrade Service.