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SmartOCR is a document conversion application that transforms scanned paper documents, PDF documents, pictures, and digital photos into editable documents using optical character recognition (OCR).

Smart OCR will redefine how you and your organization manage paper documents. You can now convert all of your paper documents to editable and searchable electronic documents and save them in whatever format you like. Whether you require a PDF or a Word DOC, basic text, RTF, or HTML, Smart OCR can handle it.

  • Declutter your workspace by archiving paperwork.
  • Publish documents on the Internet or your company’s network.
  • Email your papers in any of the commonly used document formats.
  • Convert your favorite print books to the Amazon Kindle format.

SmartOCR PRO Interface


  1. Helps your organization save money and time.
  2. Eliminate tedious retyping, refocus on your essential task, and reclaim your productivity.
  3. Preserves document layout and formatting – SmartOCR advanced technology converts scanned source documents into editable digital documents with identical layout and formatting, including text and paragraph formatting, graphics, bullet lists, headings, and columns.
  4. Extensive PDF support – Both scanned PDFs and searchable PDF files can be converted.
  5. Scanner Direct Connection – Scan your paper documents and save them as editable files in formats such as DOC or RTF in only a few clicks. Additionally, you can save it as a searchable PDF.
  6. HTML as output format – Publish searchable and indexable versions of your scanned papers on the Web.
  7. Support for digital cameras – Import photographs directly from your digital camera.
  8. Manual control – Process only the portions of an input image that are specified.
  9. text editor with spell checker – Finalize your documents before saving them in editable format.

Get SmartOCR PRO for Free:

Simply go to the and download the Pro version installer or setup file[54.3 MB].

After installing the software, the first time you start it, you will notice an “Activation” window.

Enter the license code provided below to activate the full version.

SmartOCR Pro License Code