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Smart Game Booster Pro Free 6 Months License [Windows]

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Smart Game Booster Pro is a windows utility that offers a better gaming experience. It’s one of the best game boosters to Optimize the Windows System in One Click.

The overloaded system will slow down the game speed too. This game booster can also optimize your system settings to release more space and improve PC performance.

An outdated driver is another reason that causes screen tearing, blue screen of death, and system crash issues. This software is a useful driver updater that automatically detects your driver status and updates your outdated graphics driver and audio driver to make your gaming experience smoother and better.

Smart Game Booster Pro uses advanced overclock technology to explore the potential performance of your graphics card. It gives you a one-click solution to improve PC performance greatly with overclocking most graphics cards of Nvidia and AMD.

This software monitor and displays your hardware temperature such as CPU, GPU, motherboard temperature, also fan speed along with FPS value when you are in-game. Always keep your FPS value higher than 60 with a normal temperature.

With Smart Game Booster 5, you can also record game videos easily. It supports capturing game and record game moments with the easy-to-use hotkeys.

The latest version of the software (5.2) arrives with a brand-new user interface, provides three useful utilities (PC Diagnosis, System Tweaks, and Disk Defrag) to further improve your PC performance.

Key Features of Smart Game Booster Pro:

1.Maximize Your Game FPS.

2.Optimize Windows System.

3.Monitor hardware temperature.

4.Update Graphics Driver & Audio Drives.

5.Temperature Monitor.

6.Super Game Boost (overclock technology).

7.Disk Defrag.

8.Record Games.

Smart Game Booster Pro Free License :

Download the setup file or installer from the developer page:

Install the software, on the app’s main window click the hamburger menu (three stacked lines) in the top left.

Next, click “Register” and enter the below code.


Note: The above code offers a Pro subscription to the software till June 20, 2022.