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Smart DNS 6 Months Premium plan for Free

Last month we informed that a new Geo-restricted content unblocking service called SmartyDNS/Smart DNS will be launched very soon and they are offering a free premium plan accounts to first 1000 subscribers (further extended to other 1ooo accounts) of their newsletter.

Today the SmartyDNS service has been launched and the developers has sent free premium account subscriptions to the first 2000 subscribers of their newsletter. I too received an email about the launch and invitation to activate the free 6months plan.

Also on this occasion the developer launched  another promo and giving away $23 worth 6 months access to Smart DNS service for free. Techno360 readers who missed the previous free offer can utilize this launching promo, but hurry up and grab it before the developer declare  they are out free accounts.

About SmartyDNS:

SmartyDNS is a Geo-restricted content unblocking service, which lets you access regional restricted  most popular US and UK websites like  Hulu, Netflix, BBC, etc., from your location or country.

Contrary to VPN technology, the service  utilizes DNS changing method   for unblocking websites. Simply change your ISP   provided DNS servers to  Smart DNS servers, Whenever you will access US or UK websites, the service will identify and unblock them, if they are restricted in your region.

According to the developer, the service can unblock almost all websites that are restricted only to US or UK, you can even take a look at the full list of unblocked websites. The Service works on a large number of devices like Windows, Mac, Apple TV, iOS, Xbox, PS3, Wii, Roku etc.

Further  the developer say’s that Smart DNS doesn’t affect your speed, you can enjoy your original speed while streaming video and audio or browsing. However  while using the service  I experienced  little bit slow connectivity, when compared to accessing network  with my ISP’s  original DNS addresses(automatically obtained) and this was proved by  DNS Benchmark

Note: I still have confusion about the name this service, whether it is  SmartyDNS or Smart DNS. The service homepage sometimes calls it as SmartyDNS and sometimes it is mentioned as Smart DNS.

SmartyDNS 6 Months plan for Free:

To grab the  $23 worth 6months plan, first visit this promo page and click  continue button (ensure semiannually plan is checked), next create  your accounts and complete the order with  Paypal as a payment service.  Luckily they will not charge anything to confirm your Paypal ID.

Now  you  can expect at least four emails from them that your account is created and 6 month plan is activated. Leave these emails aside (but note down your account password), the developer will not provide any installer or software to use  Smart DNS service , all you need to do is update the DNS addresses of your device to   Smart DNS servers and update or register your IP with Smart DNS Key ( to do this follow below steps).

 How to Setup Smart DNS on your Windows System?


1. First login to  your SmartyDNS client area, now click on “Packages” tab, then click on  Smart DNS link under packages.

2 .The link will display a page containing Smart DNS Package details, where you can see the Smart DNS Key, IP Update URL and DNS Addresses.

3. Now on your windows system left-click the Wifi signal icon in the taskbar, then under Wireless connections right- click   on the connected  network, next click  Status, next click  properties and then under “Networking”, select Internet protocol version 4, then click on ” Properties” button (refer below images).

Note : For Wired connection you can do this through wired-connectivity icon.




4. Now as shown in below image, select the option to use the following DNS server address and enter the  smart dns server addresses shown in your package details.

5. After setting up the DNS  addresses, copy the  IP Update URL  and run it on your web-browser,now under package detail you can the notice the status as IP updated, this step should be repeated whenever you  reboot your PC or re-connecting to your Wifi,otherwise you will get an error as shown in below image.

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