Smart Defrag Server 2010 for free

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Smart Defrag Server 2010 from Iobit is designed with “Smart Defrag” a trade mark technology. Smart Defrag Server 2010 is an advanced solution to maintain server disks reliability and optimize performance.

Smart Defrag Server 2010 is ready for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 to optimize hard disks and securely pack file fragments together with all levels of RAID volumes supported.

Key Features :

  • Server Disk Optimization:

    Increases the server working stabilities and optimizes the server performance.

  • Automatic Server Defragmentation

    With the set of automatic configuration, Smart Defrag Server can automatically optimize server disk, no need to get involved.

  • Works with Efficiency

    It saves time when running defragmentation and always keeps server running at peak.

  • Flexible Scheduling and Defragmentation

    Designed with two levels of defragmentation – fast optimize/deep optimize, which makes it flexible for different defrag requirements.

  • Keeps on Working While Defragmenting

    Smart Defrag Server make it possible and fast to clean server disks while server is working without interruption.

  • Windows Server Operating System Optimization

    By system defragmentation, Smart Defrag Server can make Windows Server Operating System run flawlessly and always at high peak for your work.

  • Virtualization Optimization

    The virtual machine can be better optimized if you run Smart Defrag Server to defragment both your virtual machine and real system.


Smart Defrag Server 2010 for free:

    Generally Iobit Smart Defrag Server 2010 costs $199.95, but Iobit is currently giving this software for free to every one.

  • So visit this offer page :, enter the verification code and click ‘Get a Free Copy ‘ button.
  • You will see a Download link, click on the link and download the software which doesn’t  require License code.
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  • Directly download the Smart Defrag Server 2010 software from here