SkyDrive desktop app for Windows & Mac Released,Get 7 GB for Free

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Microsoft released the first SkyDrive desktop app for Window and Mac OS, which brings the cloud-file sharing service to the desktop. Also the skydrive app for Windows Phone and iPhone was updated to version 2.0, which brings minor visual changes, and improves overall performance of the application.

Micosoft SkyDrive for the Windows desktop is a synchronized service that allows users to drag and drop files and photos to the cloud, much like any other window. In Dropbox style, you will get one folder on your computer that is synced to the cloud,everything you put in there is automatically uploaded.

A very cool feature of the new SkyDrive is that, once you link up a computer, you can remotely access any file on it, even if it’s not in the SkyDrive folder, via the website as long as the computer is running.

when you download the preview of SkyDrive for the Windows desktop, you’ll be able to access your SkyDrive from Windows Explorer on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. The benefits of SkyDrive integration with Windows are clear: you can now drag-and-drop to and from SkyDrive with files up to 2GB, access all of your files offline, and have the full power of Windows Explorer available to manage your SkyDrive files and folders.

Downloading the SkyDrive  app  for Windows takes just a few seconds on most connections (the installer is under 5MB) and installs on most PCs in less than 10 seconds. There are just three simple setup screens and you’re finished.

Installing SkyDrive

Once it’s running, it’s out of the way in the system tray. A folder is created automatically for you in a default location or one you choose during setup, and your SkyDrive files immediately start to appear.

SkyDrive icon in System Tray

Once your SkyDrive is available on your PC, this special folder stays in sync with your SkyDrive. If you rename a file on your phone, it appears immediately in this folder on your PC. If you delete a file from, it is deleted immediately here as well. Or if you create a folder and move files from another PC, Mac, or iPad, those changes immediately sync, too.

25 photos in Windows Explorer with filepath ...SkyDrivePicturesWe Shred

Microsoft decreased the amount of free storage it will offer to new users, from 25 GB to 7 GB, but removed the previous 5 GB limit on desktop syncing. Existing users can hang onto their free 25 GB of storage–without limits on syncing–by logging into the Manage Storage page at

According to the company 99.94% of users use 7GB or less – and 7GB is enough for over 20,000 Office documents or 7,000 photos. But Microsoft will also allow those who previously signed up to take advantage of its previous offer: 25 Gbytes of online storage. Users who had previously uploaded any file by Sunday, April 22, will get 25 Gbytes of cloud storage to play around with. New customers can also purchase 20-, 50-, or 100-Gbytes of storage for $10 per year, $25 per year, or $50 per year.

Key Features :

  1. 7GB for storage space
  2. 2GB maximum file size limit
  3. Browse, upload and download files and folders
  4. Access files from your desktop
  5. App available in 106 languages

Download SkyDrive for Windows (preview)


  1. I’ve been a user of SkyDrive for a fair bit now. However, after I download the app I get an error every time stating that this is not a valid Win32 application. Any suggestions?

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