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Download SkyDownloader PRO with free Lifetime License

SkyDownloader PRO is an P2P file sharing service which combines Gnutella and Bit Torrent technologies with effortless live channel streaming and provides a simple-to-use way to download and find music, movies, and more.

Normally SkyDownloader PRO Lifetime Unlimited Access license costs around $49.95, but for a limited time they are giving away SkyDownloader PRO for free.

SkyDownloader pro has built-in music and video player, the application user interface is categorized in to 8 sections:Search, Popular, Torrents, My Files, Watch TV, Radio, Games and Chat.The search section allows you to Search for what you want, either specifying a file name, media (audio, video, images).

To check out the features and other information visit

How to get it for free ?

  • Just visit this link then enter your twitter user name , password and click “Tweet Now” button
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    just visit this direct link and follow step 2

  • Now you will be forwarded to a user registration page, enter your name, email ID, country and click “Submit” button
  • Now click continue and download the SkyDownloader PRO installation file
  • Note: In order install this you must have latest Java version installed on your desktop.


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