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Sismit: Generates secure Passwords

Sismit is an easy-to-use web-based tool that allows you to create passwords that are difficult for others to guess while at the same time being easy for you to remember.

In order to generate a password, Sismit asks you to enter the name you like most, a meaningful word or phrase, and your favorite date of all time.

With this information in hand, Sismit generates a new password which you can take with you and use anywhere.


If you don’t like the password generated by Sismit, simply ask it to generate a new one based on the same criteria that you’ve already entered and presto, you are provided with a new password option.

So if we want to make sure of obtaining a secure password and easy to memorize, we can use Sismit, with which we can create passwords very reliable from our own data that can not be accessed with the techniques used routinely.


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