Preorder Sims 3 Ambitions and save 10 %

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While I’m busy in my siebel CRM training course, today I came through a email from eA India about a good offer in eA India online store and I’m here to share it with techno360 readers. This is a first time pre-oder opportunity for Indians from Sims family. Earlier we have to wait until a Sims game or expansion available in Digital download section, after weeks from it release.

As a Sim Fan, for me it is great offer, eA India is a providing Preorder opportunity for The Sims™ 3: Ambitions, the second expansion pack of The Sims™ 3. So you can preoder The Sims™ 3: Ambitions for just 449 Rs by visiting this page and save 10%.The Sims™ 3: Ambitions will be released on June 1st 2010, so if you are Simi fan jump in and grab it.


Note: Currently their server is showing an error.
About Sims 3 Ambitions :
The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack will now provide you control on your Sims actions and interactions while they are on the job.So now you have direct control over the Sims about how to behave and spend a day in a company.

Also the expansion pack brings a huge variety of career paths such as Doctor, Detective or private investigator , ghost busters or ghost hunters,masterful sculptor, firefighter, architect, Tattoo artist, inventor,stylists and and more.