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The Sims 4 Standard Edition Available for Free - Until May 28

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The Sims 4 Standard Edition normally sells for USD $40, but EA for a limited time is offering this game free for all origin users.

This is a quite nice freebie for Sims lovers, until May 28 you can grab the base game of  Sims 4 with your Origin account.

I think this is a hint that EA is going to launch the next version – Sims 5 very soon (wild guess).

If you are new to Sims series or didn’t get your hands on the fourth version, then this freebie is for you.

So, visit this , then sign into your Origin account, and click “Get it Free” button.

That’s the game will be added to your Origin library and it’s yours to keep forever.

The game is playable on both Windows as well as macOS.

Note: Try the giveaway only through a web browser instead of Origin client.

Sims 4

The Sims 4 game lets you play as a god controlling simulated humans. Care your Sims, let them earn money and designing their dream homes, have kids and see your family grow.

I’m a fan of sims series starting with Sims 2 and liked it successor sims 3 very much.

Although initially, I didn’t grab the fourth version because the game ditched major Sims 3 feature open-world gameplay.

When the game was released in 2014  it faced several issues and lack of content. But over the last five years, it received a steady stream of free updates and improved a lot.

Later on, in 2015 I played Sims 4 game and still playing it on my desktop whenever I feel to play.

The besting thing is the availability of huge custom content and free mods.

Still, I feel Sims 3 is a lot better compared to the fourth version.