Simple Money Manager Standard for Free (Today only)

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Simple Money Manager Standard  by ProperSoft is an easy to use application to manage your finances and allows you to gain Control over your Money. Either you are student, live on fixed income, running small business or just need simple and useful helper to manage your finances – Simple Money Manager is for you.

Yes, you have tried budgeting and failed on the second month. Yes, you cannot get your account balances in that Excel spreadsheet line up with your real balances (especially, cash). But you want to save more money every month.

Simple Money Manager was created for what is the most important to control your finances – have all those expense receipts entered/imported, so you really know how much money you earned this month, how much money you spent this month, and how you are doing on the few months timeline. Simple.

Simple Money Manager is easy to use, feature rich application to manage your finances. You will see right away on the pie chart and graphs where your money is going, quickly find needed transaction through the smart search.

The program lets you import your bank or credit card transactions from almost any financial format or quickly enter them through simple intuitive interface. Simple Money Manager works fine on any screen including small netbooks, and speaks 21 language.

With Simple Money Manager standard, you’ll always know where you stand financially, thanks to an innovative “financial temperature” feature that matches color coding to your available funds. When combined with compelling pie and history charts showing your expenses by category, you’ll find that Simple Money Manager is everything you need to take control of your finances.

As the amount of data in Simple Money Manager increases, you’ll appreciate the ability to search through transactions quickly using text or numbers. Even better, your Simple Money Manager file is always safely backed up, automatically, so you’ll never risk losing critical financial history.

Key Features of Simple Money Manager Standard :

  1. Sophisticated instant search for text and numbers
  2.  Controls following your selections
  3. See an overview of income, expenses, and running totals
  4. View pie and history charts showing expenses by category
  5. Take control over your finances
  6. Self Learning Importer
  7. Silent and Automatic Backup with History

Simple Money Manager Standard for Free  :

A single user license of Simple Money Manager Standard sells for 24.95, now get this software for free from bitsdujour 24 hours promotion

1. visit this rel=”nofollow”promo page

2.Fill required details(Name & email ID) in the form and recive Simple Money Manager Standard registration code.

3.Download : Simple Money Manager

4.Install it, launch the software and click “help”,  and register your key.

Note : This free offer will be available for 24 hours  or today.