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Based on SimCity, the original city-building game loved by millions, SimCity Social allows you to build a beautiful city bursting with life on Facebook! Choose the kind of city you want to build and watch its soul come to life as it grows and reacts to your decisions. Manage your city’s resources, create friendships or rivalries with neighboring cities and decorate your city as you build the greatest metropolis on Facebook!

SimCity Social brings the real city-building simulation to the masses, giving players the freedom to create sprawling cities that come to life as a result of player-driven choice. In SimCity Social, players don’t just build a city – they choose the kind of city they want and watch its soul come to life as it grows and reacts to their decisions.

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According to EA , with in one month of its launch 5.4 million people are playing this game on Facebook, Kotaku reviews it as the most engaging city-building game on Facebook.

SimCity Social brings the original city-building video game to Facebook, though fans will be hard-pressed to find any trace of the depth and complexity of the popular PC series here. Players place businesses, factories, houses and various attractions – their expansionist ambitions kept in check by an energy meter that slowly refills over time. Tasks appear on the right side of the screen, requiring the player to build certain structures, collect special items or perform specific actions in exchange for an experience point and monetary reward. They’ll gain levels, unlocking new buildings and decorations as well as new challenges. They’ll do this forever.

This is the same basic formula established not only in games like CityVille, but in just about every game on Facebook that’s enjoyed a large degree of commercial success. It’s a formula that works.

SimCity Social Review

There are fresh ideas here, though nothing quite as deep as the systems established in the big boy SimCity titles. For starters, the game allows friends to establish sister cities or rival cities, which enables some entertaining cross-border acts of charity or benign sabotage. By visiting other players’ creations and either wreaking havoc or joy the player can decrease or increase their relationship level, unlocking new buildings and gathering special items used to enhance existing structures.

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