Silver Key Enterprise- Encryption Software Free License

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Silver Key Enterprise edition from Kryptel is a top-tier encryption software designed for the secure exchange of sensitive data over the Internet.

If you want to send sensitive data over the internet, you can use this program to encrypt your files and folders before sending them as an encrypted package.

We can design these encrypted packages to be self-extractable, meaning the recipient doesn’t even need special software to decrypt the file.

Simple to navigate interface:

After completing the brief installation process, you’ll be presented with a minimalist user interface. Its wizard-like design will guide you through the process at every turn. Therefore, it’s perfectly suitable for use by anyone, regardless of skill level.


The software offers  256-bit encryption with different ciphers, which exceeds HIPAA requirements and to further strengthen security, the program supports FIPS 140-2 compliant mode using a FIPS-validated CryptoAPI encryption engine.

If you want more than just encrypting a file, the Silver Key Parcel Designer is your tool. Use it to use the full power of the software and create advanced parcels.

You can add encrypted and unencrypted comments, create shortcuts on the target computer, and even include an uninstaller.

For creating an encrypted parcel all you need to do is drag the file you wish to encrypt onto Silver Key’s desktop shortcut, or right-click the file, then from the context menu select ‘Create Parcel’ and create either an executable (.exe) parcel or a standard (.sk) parcel.

We can run the software from a USB drive (portable) and the standard edition supports binary keys, hiding parcels in JPEG images, advanced parcel designing tools, digital signatures, shredding tools and a command-line interface for automated encrypting.

Key Features:

  • Full Windows integration, create encrypted parcels right from Windows Explorer.
  • In a single click encrypt any number of files or folders.
  • Instead of a password for your parcel, you can use a binary key stored on your USB stick.
  • Quick File Encryption & App-Independent Decryption.
  • Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and 7.

Get Silver Key Enterprise Edition for Free:

Download the giveaway version either from this link or from this link [22.7 MB].

Start the installer; you’ll see an activation window like the one shown below during the installation process.
Choose the option “Paste your license record directly”.

Enter the below license key.


Click the “Enter” button.

That’s it!