Sigma Theory:Global Cold War Game Free on GOG

Sigma Theory: Turn-Based Spy Thriller Game Now Free on GOG

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Sigma Theory: Global Cold War is a turn-based simulation game in which you manage a hidden agency in a futuristic society.

For a limited time, you can get this game for free via, a digital distribution platform that offers DRM-free games.

Sigma Theory:Global Cold War Game Play

What is Sigma Theory: Global Cold War?

This award-winning strategy game puts you in charge of a secret organization that needs to take over the Sigma Theory. This game, created by Mi-Clos Studio, features a fascinating combination of covert operations, diplomatic negotiations, and tactical planning.

Assemble an elite group of operatives, acquire intel, and control world events to ensure your country comes out on top in a world where countries are competing in a covert race to harness the power of Sigma Theory.

This game combines turn-based strategy and diplomacy, allowing players to employ their agents for infiltrating enemy bases, acquiring secrets, and disrupting operations. It also includes a dynamic narrative system that responds to player decisions, guaranteeing each playthrough is distinct.

Features of “Sigma Theory: Global Cold War”

  • Deep Strategic Gameplay: Immerse yourself in a deep strategy game where your choices have a significant impact. Strategize thoughtfully and outsmart your opponents at every turn.
  • Recruit Elite Operatives: Gather a group of skilled agents, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. Tailor your team to match your personal preferences.
  • Global Espionage: Explore the globe, gather intel, carry out missions, and engage in thrilling espionage. Visit diverse countries and adjust your strategies to navigate through different political situations.
  • Player Choice Matters: Your decisions and actions will greatly impact the world. Influence the course of the Cold War by forming alliances, sabotaging rivals, or even inciting global crises.
  • Multiple Endings: Each playthrough of this game provides diverse paths to win, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience. The outcome of the world depends on the choices you make.


Get Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Free on GOG:

The game, which usually costs $17.99, is currently available for free on GOG for a limited time. If you enjoy turn-based strategy games or spy thrillers, you shouldn’t miss this chance to add this amazing game to your collection.

To get the game, go to the GOG homepage and scroll down until you see the giveaway banner.

Click the “Add to Library” button. If you already have a GOG account, sign in with your credentials. Otherwise, create a new account. Claim the game and link it to your GOG account.

Start the installation of the GOG Galaxy gaming client as soon as possible. Log in to the client using your account details and begin playing the game.

Remember that this giveaway has a specific time limit. Currently, there are only 54 hours left to grab this game.