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ShortCAD is a free application for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile,which brings CAD basic concepts of drawing creation on your windows Mobile.While your Pocket PC is small and slow, all of the “huge CAD” features of ShortCAD have been reworked to make them accessible and usable without mouse and keyboard.

So ShortCAD is a way to CAD,which will give some   hints and tips to your ideas with smallest effort while you are away from your workspace.

ShortCAD is your light way to create and edit 2D vector-graphic drawings and templates just as you do in well known CAD applications. ShortCAD drawings are usually saved as .ShortDWG files, but you can also save them in .dxf format so you can export your drawings to other vector-graphic editors.

ShortCAD provides drawing by means of the following graphic entities:

– Straight lines.
– Poly-lines.
– Texts.
– Circles.
– Arcs.
– Ellipses and Elliptical arcs.
– Solids.
– Inserted Blocks.
– Traces.

ShortCAD for windows mobile
Additional tools of ShortCAD allow to create the following drawing elements:

– Free lined figures.
– Rectangles.
– Chamfers.

ShortCAD allows modification drawing elements by means of:

– Moving.
– Scaling.
– Rotating.
– Changing line type, color, width, text style, layer and so on.
– Erasing.


In idle state ShortCAD just displays a fragment of opened drawing and waits for a command from you. You can launch commands of ShortCAD by the following means:
– Selecting appropriate items in the Menu.
– Tapping appropriate icons in the Command Toolbar.
– Tapping appropriate icons in the Command Palette.

Each command of ShortCAD has it’s own icon on the Command Palette.

ShortCAD does not depend on screen resolution since it does not operate with hardware directly, so only few little OEM factors may explain greater or less efficiency of it. In particular, the following screen resolutions are successfully tried to be explored by ShortCAD

* QVGA (240×320),
* 320×320,
* 240×240
* VGA (640×480),
* 480×480
* WVGA (800×600).

Official website : ShortCAD:
Download : ShortCAD for Windows Mobile

  1. The version 2009.07.12.1 is available now.

    The Ortho Mode is provided when pointing corrdinates.
    In idle mode, it’s possible to pan the drawing view by stylus.
    The POINT entity is now provided.
    Justification of TEXT objects is extended with RIGHT and LEFT sides.
    The snap options, grid visibility and other settings can be done with the special assistance command bar without interrupting the currently executed command.

    Many other improvements have been made.