SHIFT 2 Unleashed for Free

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Shift 2 Unleashed by EA is a racing game for iPad, now the price of app dropped from $5 to free on iTunes store. Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed offers gamers gripping game play, good graphics, ample audio, excellent replay, and a big bang for your buck.

Unlike Hot Pursuit, this game is targeted to show more of the actual professional racers side of the racing scene instead of the police-filled street racing one.The game makes excellent use of the iPad’s accelerometer,the default controls are very minimalist in design: the only on-screen tapping is for braking. The player steers the car by tilting the iPad.

Players can enter a single race and choose from any of the tracks, which are situated in cities around the world, such as London, Chicago or Abu Dhabi. However, many of the tracks will be inaccessible until they have been unlocked in career mode.

In Career mode, players compete  in a a selection of races in order to earn stars to progress onto the next set of races across settings including London, Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, and more. Finishing races unlocks upcoming events, so you get to race on many more tracks. Time trial, in which you compete to beat the fastest timed finish, duel, in which you compete against a single opponent, and the default races modes ensures plenty of variety.

Points can also be accumulated for skilled driving. Maintaining clean racing lines, drifting and crafty overtaking tactics are all awarded in a system system that simply rewards driving.

Experience the high-velocity action and eye-popping visuals of the most awesome Need For Speed ever on the App Store.Get in the cockpit with the helmet cam and experience realistic racing controls that simulate the visceral velocity of being behind the wheel at 200 mph. Feel every scrape, bump, and burn out as you whip through forest, desert, waterfront, and city locations in an all-out fight to the finish line.

Test your skills on more than 20 Quick Race Trials featuring 40 of the hottest cars, including the exclusive Pagani Huayra! Run the Circuit with multiple game modes and over 40 events. Plus – SHIFT 2 Unleashed is Origin enabled.

Register for Origin to get free in-game cash and unlock exclusive cups and leaderboards .Experience racing evolved and unleash your inner driver with SHIFT 2 Unleashed!


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