Shazam - Free Unlock Code for New items in Rocket League

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Rocket League game developers Psyonix added new in-game items inspired by the DC Comics film Shazam. The best part is you can get them for free with a unlock code.

The Redeem code Works on all Platforms  [PC/PS4/Switch/Xbox One].

To get Octane Decal and Shazam Wheels, all you need to do is launch the game and you can notice  ‘Extras’ bar right on the menu page, go to Extras and select ‘Redeem Code’,  then enter the code as Shazam.

Also, enter another code as RLNITRO.

Entering these two codes will Unlock two decals, a set of wheels and a flag.


These items may not come with super strength or bullet immunity, but you’ll still look super cool when your Battle-Car goes flying through the air!

shazam rocket league free unlock code

Almost a year back Psyonix offered free unlock codes for 11 WWE items and Rocket Boost item for the game. If you didn’t get these items, do check the links.