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Shaw Academy : Online Diploma Courses for Free

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Shaw Academy based in Dublin (Ireland) offers Online Diploma Courses on several topics (categories) such as Technology, Photography, Finance, Health & Wellness, Marketing, Business and many more.

The online academy teaches more than 35,000 students per month worldwide, you can learn the skills you need to succeed and earn a degree online to add value to your résumé.

This professional online education company provides courses that are accredited and internationally recognised to the highest educational standards.

The institution provides the highest quality, practical, professional online education to students all over the world.


All Shaw Academy Diploma programmes are credit-rated to EQF Level 5 by Edinburgh Napier University.

EQF Level 5 is the equal to an Associate Degree (USA), AQF Level Six (Australia), NQF Level Six (South Africa) & QQF Level Eight (Canada).

The European Qualifications Framework encourages lifelong learning by promoting the validation of education.


Free Online Courses:
Shaw Academy is offering 11 online courses for free, but only one course per individual.

shaw academy online courses

Each course is USD $39.95 worth, you can select 1 Free 4 week course of your choice. Your 30-day free access starts from the date of your 1st lesson.

That 11 online courses include :

  4. Photoshop
  5. Photography
  6. Financial Trading
  7. Personal Nutrition
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Graphic Design
  10. Sports Nutrition
  11. Mobile App Development


You didn’t need to give any credit card info to avail the courses, visit this offer page and select a course.

Next, create an account at Shaw Academy by entering your name, email address and Phone number. Proceed to set a password and fill the small form.

Finally, select your experience level (beginner or advanced user), answer few questions related to the course you selected and reach members section.

Very your email address, your live lessons will take place two days (Tuesday and Thursday)in a week at your local time.

You will receive a reminder email with a link to attend  before the live lesson begins.