THE SHADOW SUN iOS RPG Game available Free instead of $2.99

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THE SHADOW SUN is an RPG for iPhone and iPad, the game actually costs $2.99 and for the first time, this role-playing game is available for free.

The game size is 864 MB and works on iOS 5.1.1 or later, it received a four-star rating and according to the developer, this action RPG offers 10 hours of gameplay.To get this game on your iOS device, straightaway visit iTunes App Store.

The Shadow Sun from Ossian studios offers Elder Scrolls-like experience with 3D graphics and meaningful concept.Set in Arabia, you play as a custom character you create whether it is a mage, a rogue or a swordsman class.

The gamer plays an escort venturing from the north to the city of Shar, south of your homeland, once you arrive in the south the game goes from a simple escort mission to a complete mess in the city and you have to become the hero to save the land.


  • A premium, full 3D Western RPG with a story filled with complex characters, intrigue, danger, and shocking surprises.
  • A 10-hour adventure where you delve into the decadent imperial city of Shar and the exotic desert lands around it, as the Golden City languishes in the grip of a plague and simmer in defiance against the kingdoms of the North.
  • Gorgeous graphics using the Unity engine, including normal/specular mapping and dynamic lighting on the characters, as well as anti-aliasing and bloom.
  • Create your own male or female character and customize them with different appearances and over a dozen types of armor.
  • Choose from among 30 skills to suit your play style and grow those abilities exactly how you want as the game progresses.
  • Ally with one of four companions to adventure alongside you, each with their own personality, abilities, and romance options, and gain their approval or disapproval on your actions.
  • Adopt a faithful dog companion to fight by your side.
  • A useful journal and detailed codex help you keep track of quests and the people, places, and things you meet.
  • Explore over 70 finely crafted areas and uncover 200+ unique items, hidden secrets, and ancient treasures.
  • A striking and compelling orchestral music score by long-time Ossian composer, David John.
  • Includes Apple Game Center support.
  • A universal app for iPhone (3GS and up), iPod touch (3rd gen and up), and iPad (1st gen and up), with Retina display support. Graphics will scale with the device.