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Severed Steel: A kinetic parkour FPS Free for 24 Hrs

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Severed Steel is an extremely tense first-person shooter in which you engage in brutal slow-mo gunfights, blow holes in walls, and use stunts to avoid being shot.

You play as a badass protagonist with one arm who uses bullet time and stunts to kill hordes of enemies and destroy fully interactive environments.

The action in the game is fast and brutal, like something out of a John Wick or The Matrix-inspired action movie.

This game is currently available at no cost at the Epic Games Store. It usually costs $24.99. This offer is valid only today through December 28, 2022. (4 PM UTC).

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About Severed Steel Game:

This first-person shooter (FPS) features a fluid stunt system, destructible Voxel environments, plenty of bullet time, and a memorable protagonist who is missing an arm.

There are also many fun features that can be unlocked, such as a larger-than-normal head and an arm cannon to break through solid objects.

You’re outgunned and outnumbered in each stage, but you can temporarily be invulnerable to shots by performing stunts like sliding, wall-running, and jumping through windows.

Severed Steel Game

Key Features of Severed Steel:

    • Unique Fighter: Play as Steel, an agile, one-armed sniper on a mission.
    • Stylish Combat: Dodge bullets, jump off walls, slide kick, and throw weapons to win in intense firefights.
    • Fully Destructible Environment: Arm cannons can shoot 50-calibre slugs or large holes. Explore destructible levels.
    • Dynamic AI: Dynamic, unscripted, squad-based AI ensures unique battles.
    • Firefight Mode: 42 levels with sub-challenges and over 20 game-changing “mutators.”
    • Campaign Mode: six compact story chapters as you fight EdenSys’ evil megacorporation.
    • Rogue Mode: random 10-level campaign. unlocks skins, perks, and more.
    • Accessibility: adjustable difficulty, visuals, audio, controls, navigation, and more.

Truly, it’s a ton of fun, full of intense gunfights where you have to keep going until you’re the last man standing. The controls are spot on, there are some satisfying headshots, and there is an unbelievable amount of bloodshed and destruction to behold on screen.