How to Set up WhatsApp two step verification (2FA)

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WhatsApp two step verification (2FA) is available for beta users of  popular free messaging tool, already the regular version of  WhatsApp promises absolute privacy by adding end-to-end
encryption to all messages –including photos, videos and calls.

Now the arrival of two factor authentication  feature in WhatsApp beta version certainly offers an extra layer of security, to gain  access to the beta app register here  with your Google account and  update the app to beta version through Google play.

The 2FA in the beta version is not the usual type, although set up of process of  two-step verification is similar, but when compared to other services (Google Authenticator & Authy) , implementation  of two-step verification in WhatsApp is different. Instead of  providing a recovery code to protect your  account, the feature protects your phone number from being added to another device.

When two factor authentication feature (2FA) is enabled on your account, WhatsApp will ask you to enter a six digit pass code along with an email address. The email address will let you reset the pass code , if you forgot the code and the 6 digit pass code will prevent your phone number being added on devices.

However, this feature may cause convince  in recycled phone numbers , but according to WhatsApp FAQ , the messaging app will  recycle unused numbers after 45 days of inactivity.


How to Set up WhatsApp two step verification ?

From your WhatsApp beta app, tap the 3 dot menu icon and go to settings, then select  ‘Account’  and you will see  Two step verification option, tapping on this option will display a screen that offers information about two step verification and to turn on this feature tap ‘ Enable’ button.

Next enter a six digit pass code (twice) and  email address (twice), you scan skip entering email address option, but if you forgot the pass code then there is no way to reset it.

That’s it, two-step verification is now enabled for  your account and from the options (settings–> Account–> Two-step verification) you can disable the feature, change passcode and email address.