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Sensible Units - Convert units to real objects


SensibleUnits is a very simple web service hat helps you to “Convert boring units to real objects as you type!” . For instance if you type 80GB(gigabytes).It will show you following objects :

The purpose of Sensible Units is to make units of measurement understandable. It takes a quantity with a scientific unit and turns it into several quantities with sensible units, like elephants, buses,Vista and Great Walls of China. Who knew that 1cm was equivalent to 29 human female fingernail thicknesses? or 6mb is equivalent to 1.1 complete works of Shakespeare.?

This site uses JavaScript and the procedure of conversions is fast . Just type the value you want to convert into in the box , once it recognizes the input and unit it will automatically process the conversion, and show the results .Also, if there is something that you typed in and it didn’t recognize that unit, you can suggest it, so that it will recognize it next time!

If you want to actually convert a measurement into “real”(actual) units you can just switch to the Units tab.The possibilities are endless…give it a shot!

Link : Sensible Units


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