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Send Unlimited SMS With Airtel India Connection!

Today while googeling i visited a site(webtrickz) which shows an interesting hack or trick for all the Airtel mobile users, who can send unlimited SMS for Free

Follow the steps below:

* Create a new message center :
Message Center Name: ANY
Message Center Number (MOST Important): +919810051905
Now select preferred connection -> Packet Data
* creating a new message center, manually select it from message center in use box.
* Now Go to setting -> phone setting -> connection -> packet data
* Change Packet data connection to use Access Point as Airtel Live!
* For sending message add 0 before the actual number, if number is 9893xxxxxx or 9940xxxxxxsend the message to 09893xxxxxx or 09940xxxxxx.

Disclaimer: Try it at your own Risk.
I didn’t tried it as i use iphone,please tell your Experience Those who Tried this trick.

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