See who viewed your Facebook profile Scam is back

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The “See who viewed your Facebook profile” hoax is back! But this time, it’s targeting Twitter users.A  message has been spreading on the twitter microblogging service  says that “Twitter Followers? Check this out New Facebook Followers has been developed. You can now see who’s Viewed and Followed your Profile. Check your Top10 Followers here>>> [Link removed],” says

The message is a survey scam. The link opens a page that instructs users to click the “like” button and then install a Facebook application that will supposedly enable them to view their followers. But, after installing the app, users are told they must verify their age by participating in various “surveys” before they can view their “follower” report.

The supposed surveys need users to give personal information such as phone numbers and address details that will later be used to subscribe them to expensive SMS services and inundate them with unwanted promotional emails, phone calls and junk mail. And, in any case, the application does not do what it claims and no matter how many surveys they complete, users will never receive the promised report about their followers.

“The scammers bank on the fact that many Twitter users also have Facebook accounts and at least a few will succumb to the temptation to see who has viewed their profile and click the scam link,” says  Hoax-Slayer.

Those who do click the link will be taken to a Facebook page that presents the following information:

Any message that claims that you can install an application to see who has viewed your profile is sure to be a scam.Users who have fallen for it are advised to revoke the permissions for the app and to clean up their Facebook and Twitter feeds of messages posted by it.