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SecurityKISS Tunnel is one of the best VPN services, the service is available as both paid and free. Today we are sharing a 72 hour limited promo that offers 6 months subscription of SecurityKISS Tunnel premium plan for free.

The premium plan is called “JADEITE”, which offers 50 GB of data transfer per month and provides access to 14 different server locations, the server locations include : UK, US, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Poland, Sweden, France, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Ireland, Ukraine and the Netherlands.

The Premium plan supports VoIP , video chat, Music and Video streams, it also supports SSH, FTP, RDP, Telnet and other transfer protocols. You can even share this plan on many PCS, but the data limit is 50GB/month.
A Six months subscription of the SecurityKISS Tunnel JADEITE plan will cost €30, so grab this €30 worth premium plan and enjoy anonymity and security while you browse the web.

Virtual Private Network (VPN):

Normally I use a VPN service for two purposes , one to access geographic or country-restricted service and the other purpose is to protect my internet connection.
For instance I use a VPN to access region restricted software promotions, some people will use a VPN to access country-restricted services like BBC TV, ITV,Hulu and Pandora.
Not only this , a VPN will be useful if you access internet from Public WiFi or Internet cafes,using a secure VPN will ensure security and encrypting your data to keep it away from prying eyes.


So What is a VPN?
If you are unfamiliar with VPN, this is a network technology that creates a secure network connection over a public network. VPN’s are networks built virtually over existing networks , it allows your systems to send and receive data as if they were connected to the same local network, even though they are not.

SecurityKISS Tunnel :
SecurityKISS Tunnel is a useful software designed to provide security and privacy once your data leaves your computer, the app redirects all your network traffic through a secure tunnel.


SecurityKISS Tunnel is based on VPN technology, it allows you access to the Internet despite censorship and local restrictions. It also makes your connection secure and prevents others from viewing your web browsing activities.
The app is available for all users on all platforms that allow OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP connections. So you can use this VPN service on Windows, Mac,Android and Ios devices. You can refer securitykiss webpage, which has nice how-to articles to setup this tool on several devices.
Key Features of SecurityKISS Tunnel :
1. Hides your IP address
2. Protects your identity
3. Bypass Censorship
4. Unblock Skype
5. Secures connection on Free Wi-Fis or rogue Wi-Fi hotspots
6. Watch US/UK online TV abroad
7. Access geographically restricted online games

8. Traffic compression guarantees high-speed access to any site or service


SecurityKISS Tunnel JADEITE (Premium plan) Giveaway:

The JADEITE plan giveaway will start on July 31 (00:00 GMT) and ends on August 3rd 2013. The giveaway provides €30 worth 6 months subscription of SecurityKISS Tunnel JADEITE plan for free.

On July 31 (00:00 GMT), visit this giveaway page : http://www.securitykiss…way/?t=38ccf5a7

securitykiss giveaway
Update :

The Giveaway has started, visit above url and enter your email address , captcha code and click “Activate” button. Immediately you will receive an email from SecurityKISS Services, the email will contain a link for  windows based installer and  client ID , password to access SecurityKISS network. Now download the installer and  install it, it will provide   JADEITE2 plan for 6 Months worth 29.95 EUR for free.

For Mac, Linux and Smartphones  users, you can download the appropriate software or configuration at

securitykiss certificate and activation


    1. Lu,Please read the full article, the giveaway will start at 00:00 GMT and now the time in GMT is 0:33,the giveaway has started. Check the above giveaway url.

  1. Thanks! 🙂 Amazing promo! I used their paid plans before, great provider no issues from them.

  2. It’s probably a fake Giveawey offer:

    “This Giveaway request is not valid anymore.

    Please subscribe to SecurityKISS newsletter in the page footer below to be informed about special offers in the future”.

    1. Not a fake giveaway,I utilized the offer on day one and it’s working(you can check above screen shots).May be they turned down the giveaway due to immense response.

  3. @Ramakanth: you’re probably right: they have just finished the licenses due to the large demand.

  4. Giveaway is real, got the key yesterday,but deal expired very quickly, only few hours,seems they have no more free keys.

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