Scripthea Makes AI Art Creation Effortless

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The rise of generative art has been meteoric, but it isn’t always easy to come up with a perfect prompt for an AI-powered text-to-image generator. To help you simplify the process and let your creativity shine, we have Scripthea, an open-source prompt composer tool.

Effortlessly create complex prompts with this comprehensive application that offers a systematic approach to prompt engineering.

Scripthea -Effortless Prompt Engineering

Wrestling with complicated prompt engineering is a thing of the past. Scripthea simplifies it into a single formula: cues + modifiers.

Modifiers are like artistic filters, while cues are like the subject of your artwork. An extensive collection of pre-defined cues and categorized modifiers, including landscapes, portraits, and mythical creatures, as well as painting styles, eras, and lighting, is available in Scripthea’s library.

The process of creating your own prompt is as simple as dragging and dropping these items.

No More Language Barriers

Scripthea revolutionizes the game for artists whose first language is not English. You are free to concentrate on conveying your creative vision rather than worrying about complicated syntax thanks to the intuitive interface and visual tools.

Embrace the Power of Reference

AI art relies on inspiration. The app highly encourages citations of other works, styles, and movements. Visualize a cyberpunk metropolis evoking the spirit of Blade Runner or a photorealistic image like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

Scripthea gives you the power to include these allusions into your prompts, allowing you to create vivid and one-of-a-kind visuals.

Experimentation Made Simple

The elegance of Scripthea is in the way it simplifies experimentation. Trying out new creative avenues is a snap with the limitless cue and modifier combinations. To top it all off, the program has a “Scan” mode that will save you a ton of time by automatically creating all conceivable combinations according to your choices.

Seamless Integration with Stable Diffusion

Scripthea provides an easy way for users to connect directly to their own Stable Diffusion server. Within the app interface, you can craft your prompt, hit generate, and see your vision come to life. Say goodbye to applications-wide copy-and-paste prompts!


Download the software from here.

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Scripthea is more than simply prompt composing software; it is a complete AI art creation toolbox. With its user-friendly interface, extensive resources, and seamless connection with Stable Diffusion, the software enables anyone to release their inner artist and create breathtaking pictures they never imagined possible.