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ScreenStyler : Desktop Customization Tool for Windows

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ScreenStyler is a free program that makes customizing your desktop easier by putting everything you need in one place. This desktop customization tool for Windows lets you add widgets, wallpapers, and a dock using the RocketDock program.

Download ScreenStyler, a free utility that allows you to personalize the Windows desktop if you want to do more than alter the desktop wallpaper or the color of objects.


Built with modern web tech, it works by making “Styles” that apps like Rainmeter, RocketDock, and Steam can use. The framework was designed to be extended, eliminating the need to manually update code and rename files when new styles are needed.

Download ScreenStyler App from the developer page.

ScreenStyler Features:

    • Create your own desktop styles with this program.
    • You can add a dock to the desktop with this.
    • You can choose from a wide variety of backgrounds.
    • Many different kinds of widgets are available.
    • Wallpaper filters
    • Multilingual
    • Visually rich-see what you get, get what you see.
    • Day/night modes
    • Premade templates
    • Steam styling
    • Incredibly light
    • Share your style with others.

How to create a Style with ScreenStyler?

Start the app and press a Block under “Create Style.”

You can start from scratch and make your own style (choose “blank”), or you can choose an existing style (default) and change it to your liking. Wallpapers, widgets, and the dock are all parts of a style.

In the sidebar, you can find the tools you need to change the style. You can change the background, add a bunch of widgets, turn on or off the dock, and put icons on the desktop and in the dock.

There are a variety of options for wallpaper, including using a solid color or gradient, choosing one of the supplied wallpapers, downloading wallpapers from websites like Wallhaven, or using a local image.

ScreenStyler -Customize Windows Desktop

Rainmeter is an application that offers widgets. Widgets are a key feature of this application, and they come in a wide variety (clocks, calendars, weather predictions, system information, multimedia control, app shortcuts, and more) in this particular program.

The Dock feature is turned off by default. When it’s turned on, you’ll be able to modify its placement, size, and appearance. To customize the icons in your dock, simply click on them or use the “Icons” menu item in the sidebar to add or remove icons.

The Settings menu is where you may make adjustments to the position of the taskbar, the date and time, the weather, the media player, and the ability to import, export, and reset the current theme.

You can apply the new look by pressing the green button after you’ve saved your changes.